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Understanding your skin type

Firstly if you are not already aware, then right now make yourself aware that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to skincare!

So many factors come into play when choosing the right products for your individual skin, then not only this, there is the addition that there are so many amazing brands and products out there on the market, but also so many awful products at the same time. Then again, on top of that, you could purchase the right product but could be using it incorrectly. Which is why I completely understand that ‘What the f**k’ moment when trying to plan your skincare regime.

I am not sure if you are aware reading this, of my own skin story and the journey that I personally went through to get to where I am now…

From a young teenager until my mid-twenties, I struggled with my skin. I had acne, but then not knowing how to treat my acne, I was using so many of the wrong products, which created the dry, red, and sore skin I then had to deal with on top of my breakouts.

Here is a photo of a breakout that I had recently and my process of transforming my skin back to its healthy state by the use of the correct products that my skin needed at that time and having a block of chemical peels. This photo does not represent how bad my skin used to be, however, I did not take any photos of my skin back then as I hated it so much.

You can start to categorize your skin into ‘Oily, dry, combination’ however this can always change. Your skin will not necessarily be the same all of your life. There are so many factors which contribute to the changing of your skin environmental factors, your health, stress levels, age, etc. You will find that you need to be using different products quite often, to suit how your skin is feeling at that exact moment in time and to give it the fuel that it is craving.

I will do future blog posts on the individual skin types and products to suit as there is so much to talk about with each individual type. For example; Is your skin really dry or just dehydrated? Why is moisturizing is super important for those with oily skin? How often you use AHA’s and BHA’s will be dependant on your skin type, environmental factors, and your personal health. I could go on and on, so keep your eyes peeled for these blogs in the future, and in the meantime, if you’d like some help with product choices, send me a message!

Okay, so, I have mentioned environmental factors having an effect on your skin, and you might be thinking ‘what the hell is she on about’. One thing I mean when talking about this is the weather!! Every season mine, yours, everyone’s skin will change and will need different nutrients just like our bodies! Other environmental factors such as being out in the wind, rain, and sun, being in a city which is highly polluted, traveling and using different water on your skin, and much more can all play a role in how your skin is feeling, and this is why it can change constantly.

To find out exactly what your skin needs as we move into Winter, send me a message, and let's get you booked in for a FREE consultation.

Now I am not trying to say I am the one and only absolute goddess of skin… But I am utterly in love with my skin and you know what, it makes me feel absolutely fricking fabulous baby! And this feeling is all that I wish to help you achieve!




I kinda know my shit…

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