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How to look after your skin while you’re on staycation...

The word on everyone’s lips this year…


This summer (I say summer, we were in Scotland in woolly hats in the middle of August),

I went on a three-week trip in a camper van. I absolutely love our camping trips and the feeling of being outdoors the moment you open your eyes and roll out of bed.

However, of all my travels the camping trips are always the hardest for me to stay on top of my skincare game. With a lack of the usual running water, a simple change in the harshness of the water, and the addition of my skin being outdoors exposed to all of the elements for much longer than usual, I tend to find I struggle with breakouts and my typical dry, red, and often sore, skin.

So if you are thinking “this is what happens to me when I travel”, do not panic! It happens to all of us! I have always been nervous about my skin when travelling in the past.

I’ve got a little simple hack for your at-home skin care regime which makes travelling much simpler.

Introducing your 4 CORE PRODUCTS. Your 4 core products are the products you should never be living without, travel or no travel.

1. Your cleanser: To rid your skin of the build-up of dirt and products throughout the day and to ensure no bacteria is just hanging around on there.

2. Your serum: This is your ‘skin fixing’ product, serums will penetrate into the layers of the skin adding nourishment and correcting any skin concerns that you may have (the benefits will obviously depend on your skin type and the serum that you use).

3. Your SPF: USE THAT SPF GIRL!! Every single day of the year! And on those sunny days, be sure to re-apply it throughout the day. So many people say to me yes I use SPF “when on holiday”... This is no good! Even on a grey winters day, the UV rays are still there, causing damage to your skin, when indoors if you are near a window the rays will penetrate through the glass causing your skin to age early and increasing your risk of pigmentation and discolouration to the skin, not to mention something we are all aware of, skin cancer. So not to sound all gloom and doom, but do you want to continue to have young fresh looking skin?

Yes?.... Okay well SPF is your answer. 😘

4. Your night cream: This will repair your skin, chosen to suit any skin concerns that you may have. Also wearing a moisturising cream at night will lock in all of that moisture and goodness from your serum, avoiding transepidermal water loss.

As we all know there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to skincare products, so for product recommendations related to your individual skin send me a message today and I will help guide you in the right direction.

Another little hack for those staycations is to take some muslin cloths or face cleansing sponges along with you. This way you can always ensure you are giving your skin the maximum clean.

Enough about that? How was spending 3 weeks in a campervan in Scotland?


This is the second time that me and my partner have visited Scotland in the camper, and the second time we were absolutely blown away!

Being surrounded by mountains and being able to drive for hours without seeing another soul, with views resembling the desired travel destination of New Zealand, you really can not go wrong.

Admittedly the unknowing of what the weather will bring you each morning can make for a bit of a cold, wet trip sometimes, but then again that's probably what keeps the place so quiet from tourism, giving you the most remote sense of freedom!

Swings and roundabouts ey.

Now before I turn this into a Scotland blog I am going to leave you all here, and if you have any questions skin-related whatsoever (or even Scotland-related), feel free to send me a DM on social media, email me or even call me anytime. I am always happy to do my best to help you along your skin journey.


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