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The importance of following pre and post-treatment advice

I cannot stress to you, how important it is to follow the advice of your skincare specialist and aesthetic practitioner after having a treatment.

It’s easy to run back to your bathroom cabinet, and continue using the products you’re used to. However, if you are advised otherwise, there is usually a reason for this. So be sure to take it all on board!

You never know by going home and using products that your skin care specialist is unaware of you could be causing harm to the skin and even reverting the results you have just paid for in your facial treatment.

I mean, you wouldn’t go buy some beautiful white jeans and go straight outside and run through the mud, would you?

It’s a funny one actually. Someone I know very well is my prime example. Today we shall call her Anne (her name is not Anne).

I gave Anne a luxury Dermaplaning treatment, and gave her some SPF to take home to use ‘every single day'. Whether or not Anne had a treatment with me SPF should be worn 365 days a year by absolutely everyone, now after having a treatment this is even more so important as your skin will be much more susceptible to damage from UV rays.

A couple of days later Anne contacted me that she had badly burnt her skin.

Anne had actually gone out n a sunny ‘ish’ day, paddleboarding. Without wearing her SPF! In turn, her super exfoliated fresh skin caught the sun straight away.

Now it is not just the initial burnt red skin, but this could cause early signs of aging (the whole reason we have facials is to keep ourselves looking young and glowing right?) as well as pigmentation to the skin which may not show up for years to come, and you may not know it yet, but pigmentation is one of the hardest skin concerns to treat.

Another long-term side effect of this as we are all already aware of is skin cancer, following treatment if you are not protecting your skin you are at a much higher rate as your skin is so much more susceptible.

It's not just the sun-loving clients I am talking to now, it goes with any treatment and any skin type. For example, when I am working on a client with acne who is going through a package of Chemical Peels I will give products to take home with them to not only help boost their results but also to work alongside the Peels in strengthening their barrier health and to protect them from any possible side effects, the main one being post-treatment hyperpigmentation.

There are many other examples that I could use, however, the moral of the story is that this rule is for absolutely everyone, if you are given advice from your practitioner (I'd be worried if you weren't) then you should always take it on board because its there to help you achieve the best possible results whilst limiting the chances of any side effects from Aesthetic treatments of the skin.

Just remember...

Do your research when it comes to deciding your skincare practitioner so that you can put full trust in them, as they have the knowledge to advise you best. Then all you need to do is take on their advice, and enjoy your new, perfectly glowing skin :)

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