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Permanent Skin Camouflage

What is Permanent Skin Camouflage and how does it work?

​AB Skincare Clinic is proud to announce that it is the UK's only clinic offering this exclusive paramedical technique. After flying out to Canada to train with the industry's leading providers from both Canada and America, I can now offer two exclusive techniques, meaning that all stretch marks can be treated, as well as scars and vitiligo.


Permanent Skin Camouflage: Skin camouflage is a safe paramedical tattooing method. After colour matching your individual skin tone, these pigments will then be deposited into the area which is discoloured, such as scars/stretch marks/vitiligo blending the colour with the surrounding skin, causing it to become invisible to the human eye.

Stretch Marks Rejuvenation: This inkless method has been introduced as a more natural alternative. This method is suitable for stretch marks only and is more suited to those who suffer from wide/deep stretch marks and are more concerned about the texture of their stretch marks rather than a difference in colour. Through this treatment a cocktail of 100% organic serums will be deposited into the stretch marks, boosting collagen and elastin and causing the stretch marks to shrink in size and even in texture, therefore blending with the surrounding skin.


Clients may be suitable for both treatments, and some may even be recommended to start with rejuvenating the stretch marks and then follow up with ink.


All treatment plans are completely tailored to you as the individual and what is going to give you the best results. Both of these treatments are permanent solutions that are changing lives around the world by enhancing self-confidence. There is no other treatment on the market that can give these results, another reason it is taking over worldwide!

What conditions can Advanced Blemish Removal treat?

The exclusive paramedical tattooing treatment for stretch marks, scars and vitiligo.

Do I need a consultation beforehand?

As treatments vary on an individual basis, a consultation is necessary to create a personalized treatment plan. Following your consultation, you will be given your unique treatment plan with the full pricing for your individual case.

Consultations are completely free of charge with no obligation to carry out the treatment after. Please complete the booking to book your 15 minute free of charge consultation. (this does not book your appointment slot and no payment will be taken until you decide to go ahead with the treatment).

Can clients have the consultation same time / day as treatment?

What happens during a Permanent Skin Camouflage session?

How long will it take to see results?

How many treatments will I need? 

How long will results last?

How should I care for my skin before / after Permanent Skin Camouflage?

Is there any downtime afterwards?

Before and After:


Permanent Skin Camouflage

Duration: 15 min

Location: Risca/ Talbot green

Price: From £395

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